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Customer convenience is always crucial, and as a taxi sevrice company, we go above and beyond simply pressing the pedal. Do you have large baggage, have trouble walking, or would you like restaurant recommendations…? We are unconcerned. At Royal Taxi Utrecht in Nieuwegein, we still believe that the customer is king, and we will do everything we can to get you to your destination swiftly and safely.

Our Taxi service in Nieuwegein offers a huge number of vehicles. As a result, we have a vehicle for every purpose. Are you seeking a more opulent vehicle to transport you to an important business meeting? Or perhaps you need a vehicle to attend a gathering with relatives or friends. It is possible to achieve anything. You can also reach out to us for patient transportation, and you can always reach out to us in an emergency. It’s comforting to know that all of our drivers are trained in first aid. In conclusion, you can always count on a comfortable and safe journey when you travel with Royal Taxi Utrecht in Nieuwegein.

Taxi Service Nieuwegein

Royal Taxi in Utrecht may be a full-service taxi company. As a result, you’ll trust our company to provide a wide range of taxi services. For example, we provide taxi service on the street, drive on bookings, and transport customers to and from airports. You may travel for a fixed fare from Utrecht to Schiphol, as well as other European destinations, with us. You can always expect to be driven about by a well-trained driver at Royal cab Utrecht. All of this is frequently included in the low-cost service offered by Royal cab Utrecht, an Utrecht taxi company.

Customer-centric and dependable

To all or any of its customers, Royal Taxi Utrecht provides courteous and dependable service. In our opinion, a taxi service is nothing more than a medium of transportation. Naturally, you want to be prepared to travel in safety and comfort. It makes no difference whether the distance is long or short. Our skilled drivers understand how important this is to you. As a result, we always deliver personalized and customer-focused service, and you’ll be able to go wherever you want.

24/7 Taxis Are Available in Nieuwegein

Our drivers at Royal Taxi Utrecht are skilled and competent in getting you to your destination on time, no matter where you are in Nieuwegein. They will transport you and get you to your preferred place comfortably and swiftly. Our drivers have all completed a renowned driver training program and hold a valid driver’s license. Furthermore, our drivers are well-versed in communication and have prior experience directing consumers.


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Certified executive transport


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Fixed rates for fixed destinations

About Utrecht

Utrecht is the capital and most populous city of the province of Utrecht, also because of the Netherlands’ fourth largest city and municipality. It’s within the eastern corner of the Randstad conurbation, within the heart of mainland Netherlands, with a population of 361,966 people as of December 1, 2021.

Many buildings and constructions could also be found in Utrecht’s historic city center, a number of which go back to the High Middle Ages. Since the eighth century, it’s served because of the Netherlands’ religious center. It had been the foremost important city within the Netherlands until Amsterdam overtook it because of the country’s cultural center and most populated city during the Dutch Golden Age.


The municipality and city of Nieuwegein are located in the Dutch province of Utrecht. It is bordered on the north by the province capital of Utrecht. The river Lek separates it from Vianen to the south, and it shares boundaries with Ijssel stein to the southwest and Houten to the east. As of December 1, 2021, Nieuwegein had 64,606 residents.

Following the amalgamation of the former municipalities of Jutphaas and Vreeswijk, Nieuwegein was established as a planned city on July 1, 1971. The new town was established to accommodate the city of Utrecht’s growing population, and it flourished fast in the decades after its founding.

Why should you hire Royal Taxi Drivers in Nieuwegein?

No matter where you are in Nieuwegein, our drivers at Royal Taxi Utrecht are skilled and knowledgeable in delivering you to your destination on time. They will take you and get you to your desired location in a comfortable and timely manner. All of our drivers have completed a reputable driving training program and have a current driver’s license. Furthermore, our drivers are skilled communicators with previous experience directing customers.


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