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Royal Taxi Utrecht is a modern and active transportation firm with a long history in the taxi business. We provide taxi service in the Utrecht area, but we are pleased to help you wherever.

We strive to deliver a flawlessly high-quality taxi service, which is why our drivers are expected to be professional, punctual, flexible, reliable, and discreet.

Whether you’re looking for private, business, or group transportation, you’ve come to the perfect location. As a taxi and transportation company, we are dedicated to keeping all of our customers happy and serving them in a safe, efficient, and environmentally conscientious manner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Seeking a dependable, fast, and comfortable mode of transportation

Are you seeking a dependable, fast, and comfortable mode of transportation in Bilthoven? taxi service bilthoven now accepts online orders.

When you need a local driver, he will show up. Do you go shopping in the city in the afternoon or attend an evening party? The solution is provided by Royal Taxi Utrecht.

If you need a taxi to get from one location in Bilthoven to another fast, such as to get some flowers from a well-known flower shop, Royal Taxi Utrecht is the answer. Perhaps you’d want to travel further, such as to Utrecht or Schiphol? Even so, Royal Taxi Utrecht is your best option for transportation. Our drivers are familiar with the surrounding area like the back of their hands. A taxi will then arrive at your location, driven by an experienced driver who is familiar with the area.

A Quick Taxi is Waiting for you in Bilthoven

Are you traveling with a large group and require a taxi van in Bilthoven? Even so, Royal Taxi Utrecht has a solution for you. We have a number of taxi vehicles available for you, and we specialize in group transportation. Would you rather reserve a cab at a later date in order to have complete certainty? It will be provided for you if you book online with Royal Taxi Utrecht. The customer is king at our taxi exchange in Bilthoven, as it is at all of our exchanges.

Customer-Centric and Dependable

Royal Taxi Utrecht provides a polite and reliable service to all or any of its customers. A taxi service, in our opinion, is quite just a mode of transportation. Naturally, you would like to be ready to travel safely and comfortably. It doesn’t matter if the distance is long or short. Our professional drivers are conscious of how crucial this is often to you. As a result, we always provide a personalized and customer-friendly service, you’ll go wherever you select.

We work with professional taxi drivers who are hooked on their profession as a dependable taxi service in Utrecht. They’re conscious of your needs for a secure and reliable travel experience. You travel in cars that are luxuriously outfitted. Both passenger and company transportation are possible.

Our Taxis are Available at Any Time

Royal cab Utrecht is prepared to select you up at any time of day or night. Our taxis operate in and around Utrecht 24 hours each day, seven days every week. As a result, you’ll never need to wait and can be ready to go wherever you would like at any time.


Pin, Cash


On account (business customers), Credit card (+4.50)

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Experienced drivers


Customer oriented


Well-groomed drivers


Fast on location


Certified executive transport


Certified executive transport


Extensive fleet


Extensive payment options


Fixed rates for fixed destinations

About Utrecht

Utrecht is the capital and most populous city of the province of Utrecht, also because of the Netherlands’ fourth largest city and municipality. It’s within the eastern corner of the Randstad conurbation, within the heart of mainland Netherlands, with a population of 361,966 people as of December 1, 2021.



Bilthoven is a village in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands. It is a component of the De Bilt municipality. It has a train station that serves Utrecht, Amersfoort, and Baarn. The Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, RIVM, and the Union Mundial pro-Interlingua, UMI, which promotes Interlingua internationally, are both located there.

The population of the statistical area “Bilthoven,” which includes the surrounding countryside, is estimated to be around 17,560 people.

As part of the Bilthoven Meetings, three international peace organizations were created in the aftermath of World War I: the International Fellowship of Reconciliation in 1919, Service Civil International in 1920, and War Resisters International in 1921. All three groups met for the first time in the home of Kees and Betty Boeke.


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